Edo Period Kakiemon bowl

Edo Period Kakiemon bowl

Edo Period Kakiemon bowl
  • Object Number: #JCB254
  • Title: A Shishi with with a calf and floral plum blossom bowl. 
  • Place of Origin: Japan  
  • Artist:  
  • Period: Edo Period (1603-1868)   
  • Date: 19th Century  
  • Materials: Ceramics   
  • Style or Ware: Arita Ware, Kakiemon Style.   
  • Dimensions: D: 20.5cm 8.07inch H: 9.5cm. 3.74inch  
  • Department: Japanese Art  
  • Collection: Japanese Ceramics.  
  • Note: With the antique wooden box.  

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